Suvarnaprashan Sanskar


Unique Ayurvedic method to boost Immunity & Intellect

Ayurveda has explained health promoting agents under name of Rasayana. Suvarnaprashan is such Rasayana maintioned in ayurveda to promote immunity and intellect of children.


सुवर्णप्राशनंहिएतत्मेधाग्निबलवर्धनं |

आयुष्यंमंगलम्पुण्यम्वृष्यंग्रहपहम् ||

  • काश्यपसंहिता

Suvarnaprashan developes medha (mental ability), agni (digestive power),Bala (strength), aayu vardhana (prolonged life span), it is also mangalkarak (brings in good virtuesin child, positive attitude in life, optimism, power to overcome mental and physical hardships), vrushya (attractive nature), varnya (it gives regenerative effect and tone ups the skin), graha baadha nashak (immunity to defeat diseases), Regular use of suvarnaprashan make child very intelligent and he can remember all heard by him.

1) Suvarnaprashan increases immunity power & develops resistance against common infections, thus prevents children falling ill very often.

2) It builds physical strength in children & enhances physical activities & also improves stamina for same.

3) Improves child’s intellect, grasping power in a unique manner.

4) It improves child’s appetite and decreases related complaints.

5) Act as asafety shield against diseases & complaints occurring due to seasonal changes.

Suvarnaprashan contains:

It is the special mixture of Suvarnabhasma (standardized Suvarna Bhasma from authorized pharmacy), Honey, Medicated ghee, Herbal powder (Bramhi, shankhapushpi, vacha,etc.)

AgeAge group of up to 14 yrs

No of Doses:  Min 6 months to 1 year once every 27 days.

TimeOn every PushyaNakshatra- which happens to come after every 27 days, given on this day it gives excellent benefits.

Dates of Suvarnaprashan in year 2018:

Jan– 03          Jul- 14

Jan– 31          Aug- 10

Feb- 27          Sep- 06

Mar- 27          Oct- 04

Apr- 23          Oct- 31

May- 20         Nov- 28

Jun-16           Dec- 25

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